The Southampton mother who posted the humiliating naked photo of her ex on Snapchat

A mother in SOUTHAMPTON was arrested after she sent her ex a “humiliating” naked photo via Snapchat.

Billie Morgan posted an explicit photo of her ex-lover showering on Snapchat during a fight over money.

Woman, 35, threatened her victim, “I will continue to violate you until you pay my money you dirty tramp.”

In response to their money problems, she decided to launch a pornographic campaign of vengeance against him.

It was revealed in court that Morgan’s victim claimed she was owed £80 by his friend because she had supplied him with cocaine.

The rumour mill has it that Morgan and the victim had a “short-lived” relationship.

Several months after breaking up, she started sending him Snapchat messages demanding payment.

Morgan and her friend left a voicemail for the victim, threatening to “come to my house to smash my windows.”

Morgan continued his threats to post a naked photo of the victim “all over Snapchat” in a voice message he sent to the victim.

Go ahead honey, I’m proud of mine,” the victim said. The second message he sent emphasised that he would not be providing Morgan with any financial support.

Morgan then sent a photo of her ex without pants with the caption, “don’t make me take the shorts off.”

As a result, she threatened him with, “I will continue to violate you until you pay my money you dirty tramp.”

Later, Morgan published the suggestive photo of her ex-boyfriend online.

It is difficult to say where it has gone, but it is thought to have been seen by more than one person, the prosecutor said in Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, quoting witness Graham Heath.

However, “they had clearly been viewed and captured by others” before they disappeared from Snapchat.

They were obviously very personal,” the victim said, “and I am embarrassed and distressed.”

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Defense attorney Howard Barrington-Clark argued that Morgan “struggles” as a single parent and that the money was not used for illegal activities.

In his own words: “There was immediate remorse and regret after her reaction.”

She was given a 12-month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work by District Judge Daniel Church.

After hearing both sides, Judge Church ruled, “On any version of events, you were owed money and you wanted to get it back.

After hearing both sides, Judge Church ruled,

There was some level of planning in your threats to post a sexual image of your victim and subsequent messages that ratcheted up the pressure.

You dared to shame him, and he took the threat seriously.

Then, “you posted a picture of him naked in the shower, making him very upset.”

Morgan further confessed that she and a male companion stole meat worth £140.80 from an M&S in Gosport. There were no drug charges brought against her.

Morgan, who was in tears as she left court, was also fined £250.40 for damages and fees she owes to M&S.

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