A corn plantation in Argentina now has a Messi tattoo

AFP – BALLESTEROS Following Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory, supporters went to get tattoos of Lionel Messi, the main player for the South American football squad.

One Argentine corn farm created its own Messi “tattoo” and released the software so that it could be copied thanks to advancements in agricultural technology.

Farmer Charly Faricelli of rural Ballesteros, around 500 kilometres (300 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, tells AFP that regardless of Argentina’s outcome in Qatar last month, he intended to carve Messi’s face into his corn field.

Regardless of whether Messi won the World Cup, which, thank God, he did, the aim was to pay tribute to him from the agricultural community, he said.

Only visible from above, the Messi face is nearly the size of four football fields and gets larger as the corn matures.

Faricelli remarked, “It’s an agricultural ‘tattoo’.”

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This “tattoo” was produced by varying seed concentrations, unlike other crop designs, when plants are cut down to make an image.

According to Faricelli, “thanks to technological developments, the tractor knows exactly as it drives how many seeds to sow in which spot.”

On social media, he encouraged other farmers to pay him honour and released the software for them to instal on their machinery.

According to Faricelli, there are 25 images of Messi in corn fields spread across five distinct provinces.

In reference to a severe drought affecting Argentina’s fertile Pampas plains in the country’s centre, he says, “We empathise with the national team since it suffered before winning, and the agricultural world is also suffering.”

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