Microsoft provides a recommendation if your Windows start menu or programmes are freezing

Users of Windows 10 and 11 who have observed that their Start menu has suddenly become unresponsive and that some applications won’t start or function properly have been given a kind of solution by Microsoft.

The latest issues, in contrast to earlier issues with the Start menu and related features, may be brought on by faulty upgrades for third-party applications that rely on Microsoft Office, according to the IT behemoth.

More specifically, some third-party apps seem to cause one or more faults when interacting with Redmond’s software, affecting people’s desktop productivity whether they have just received an update or not.

Microsoft is blaming app developers in general, while at least one independent developer is citing a programming error in the code of the mega-corp.

Microsoft stated on its Windows Health Dashboard that “Affected Windows devices can have corrupted registry keys or data, which could compromise programmes using Microsoft Office APIs to interface with Windows, Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar.”

Users encounter problems with Windows Search and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps in addition to the Start menu as the root cause of the problem. Versions 22H2 and 21H2 of Windows 11 and 22H2, 21H2, and 20H2 of Windows 10 are affected.

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Microsoft advises users to delete errant apps that are integrated with Windows, Office, Outlook, or Outlook calendar as a form of workaround. Users should also check for updates to the affected software or advice from the app’s makers.

The tech goliath specifically mentioned ClickShare, an app that allows users to remotely share the screen of a laptop or mobile device via an audiovisual system in a meeting or office space. Redmond stated in a support file that users will experience issues “when a third party process such as ClickShare accesses Office APIs on a PC where Office is delivered by using Office ClickToRun.”

The desktop Search feature may not respond to mouse clicks on the Search button or the Windows+S key when the software starts reading the Outlook Calendar, according to Barco, the creator of ClickShare. The Start menu may also become unresponsive.

OneDrive and Outlook are no longer able to connect or sync.

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